More than just a great time, events produced by Collector Events Unlimited raise funds for important children’s charities. At the 28th Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Convention Charity Auction tonight in Los Angeles, Mattel will donate some spectacular items to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Here’s your first look at the prime goods available tonight. Note that these are not production items, but mostly EP (Engineering Pilot) items. Not exactly prototypes, this a proof stage prior to producing the piece. Check ’em out!

c28-14-005_0933_300px c28-14-013_0919_300px c28-14-001-002_0950_300px
 ’49 Ford C.O.E  ’57 Chevy   ’65 Volkswagen Fastback
& Volkswagen Drag Bus
c28-14-016_0943_300px c28-14-018_0928_300px c28-14-019_0927_300px
 ’69 Dodge Charger 500
 ’76 Porsche Turbo
 2015 Ford Mustang
c28-14-003_0937_300px c28-14-012_0934_300px c28-14-007_0936_300px
 Airy 8  Backdrafter
 Beatnik Bandit
c28-14-010_0931_300px c28-14-014_0942_300px C28-14-017_0977_300px
 Bull Whip  Chrysler Pronto  Ford Transit Connect
c28-14-009_0930_300px c28-14-015_0925_300px c28-14-008_0924_300px
 GT Hunter  Lamborghini Countach (Tooned)  Lamborghini Urus
c28-14-004_0923_300px c28-14-011_0932_300px c28-14-006_0935_300px
 Midnight Otto  Rev Rod  Shelby Cobra Daytona


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