BLR40_003_300pxOne of the best things about Red Line Club membership is attending the RLC Parties! Here’s everything you need to know for the RLC Party on 10/3 at the 28th Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Convention in Los Angeles.

What:   Red Line Club Party
When:   Friday, October 3, 2014
Where: Westin Los Angeles Airport Hotel – Los Angeles, CA
Info:     Please do not line up prior to 8:45 PM. (We want to keep the hallway clear for those exiting the Charity Auction.)

Getting In

Since it’s a membership benefit, only 2014 Red Line Club members are allowed to enter the party and purchase the party car.

BLR40_0010_300pxIf you joined the Red Line Club for 2014 before September 18, 2014, your RLC membership number should appear on your Convention badge, and you’ll be admitted to the party.

If you recently joined the Red Line Club (September 18 or later), make sure you bring:

  1. Your RLC membership Order Summary print out. Go into your “My Account” section in the Hot Wheels Shop, and go to the Order Status page. Print out the Order Summary which reflects your purchase of the current year’s membership. Alternately, you can print out the Order Summary email. You will have received both an Order Confirmation and an Order Summary email when you purchased your membership. The Order Summary email — which should be the second email you received and also includes your name in the information displayed — is the one to print out.
  2. Your Collectors Convention badge.
  3. A photo ID.

BLR40_009_300pxJust please make sure the names on all three of these match so you can jump into the fun as soon as possible.

Party Car/Raffle Tickets

As you enter the party, you have a chance to purchase the always-hot RLC party car for $10.00 (cash only!).

Also, we’ll be raffling off some very cool Hot Wheels prizes later in the party. When you enter the party, you’ll be given one raffle ticket for free. More RLC raffle tickets will also be available for RLC members to purchase if you like.

If you want more RLC raffle tickets and more chances at winning a prize, don’t forget to bring HWC and RLC cars — still packaged — to open. Why? Because if you want to earn a few more RLC raffle tickets for free, you’ll have a chance to open the packaged HWC Series cars, RLC sELECTIONs cars, or RLC membership cars that you bring (limit 10 per guest) at the “Opening Party.” For each one you bring and open at the party (again, up to a BLR40_005_300pxlimit of 10), you’ll receive one RLC raffle ticket!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring?

  1. Your Convention name badge (the badge you receive when you register)
  2. $10 (cash only!) to buy the party car
  3. Your RLC membership Order Summary and a photo ID (if you joined after September 18)

Who can attend the RLC Party? Can I go to the party if I’m here for the Collectors Convention?BLR40_004_300px

Only 2014 Red Line Club members who have a paid ticket to the 28th Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Convention will be admitted. You can’t join the Red Line Club at the event. But you can join now.

I have five RLC memberships. Can I bring four people to the party?

No. You can only use one of your memberships to get in, and you can only buy one car regardless of how many memberships you have.

BLR40_006_300pxMy friend/spouse/parent/child has an RLC membership that I paid for, so the membership has my name on it. Can he/she get in? Can he/she buy a party car?

If your friend/spouse/parent/child has an RLC membership in your name, you can both come in — but you can only purchase one party car.

Can I bring my kids to the party?

Yes. However, they won’t receive any of the RLC benefits (even if you have a membership in their name). RLC members have to be 18 or older, so we can’t honor a membership for a minor.

BLR40_007_300pxWill there be a party car?

Yes, but we try to keep it a secret until the day of the RLC party.

How much does the party car cost? How many can I buy?

The party car is $10 each (cash only!) and is limited to one per person who must be an RLC member.

For the Opening Party, where do we get cars to open? Do you buy them at the event? Or bring them from home?

The eligible cars must be HWC or RLC editions. You can bring them from home or possibly buy them in the room-to-room trading or elsewhere at the show.

BLR40_008_300pxHow many RLC raffle tickets do I get for opening up an HWC/RLC car? Can I open more than 10 HWC/RLC cars?

You’ll receive one ticket per car, up to 10 maximum. You can open as many as you like, but we’ll only give you 10 tickets maximum.

Do I have to be present to win a raffle prize?


The party is always a great time and a great reward for RLC members. Looking forward to seeing you there!

BLR40_0011_300px*The car pictured is from the Nationals in April of 2014.









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