The special Kmart Collector Day event cases are packed with all-new special colors and first-to-market Hot Wheels releases. You can even get yours online!

If you can’t make it to a participating Kmart on September 13, we’ve got you covered. Beginning on September 7, visit to order your special cases.

Get your case now!

Here are the special releases for these cases: 

Special Colors

  • ’69 Corvette – Heat Fleet (Sky blue)
  • ’71 Dodge Challenger – HW Performance (Micro lavender)
  • ’83 Chevy Silverado – HW Hot Trucks (Amazon green)
  • Lotus Evora GT4 – HW All-Stars (Metalflake orange)
Special Colors Special Colors Special Colors Special Colors


  • ’86 Monte Carlo SS – Muscle Mania (Black)
  • Aston Martin 1963 DB5 – Then and Now (Metalflake Red Tint)
  • Batmobile – Batman™ (ABS Black)

First-to-Market First-to-Market
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BDX35_001_600pxYour summer adventure isn’t over — the ultra-cool Hot Wheels Collector Edition ’88 Jeep Wagoneer can still be yours! Make sure you pick up your 20 cars (or 40, or 60…) at Toys ‘R’ Us by 9/14/14.

The adventure continues when you fill out the online forms and mail in your receipts.

Don’t miss this ride!

All Trademarks not owned by Mattel are the property of their respective owners, and are used with permission.

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¡Colores especiales y ediciones Hot Wheels de estreno! ¡Un vehículo Custom ’56 Ford Truck Edición de colección! Tu tienda local Kmart participante te tiene un final de verano feliz.

Evento del Día del coleccionista de Kmart

Cuándo: Sábado, 9/13 a las 9 a.m. hora local
Dónde: Tiendas Kmart en los EE.UU. (excluyendo Puerto Rico)
Info:  Haz clic aquí para encontrar una sede.

El Día del coleccionista, consigue estuches de vehículos especialmente empacados, creados exclusivamente para el evento, que incluyen nuevas ediciones de colores especiales y modelos de estreno. Esto es lo que estará disponible durante este evento:

Colores especiales

  • ’69 Corvette – Heat Fleet (azul celeste)
  • ’71 Dodge Challenger – HW Performance (micro lavanda)
  • ’83 Chevy Silverado – HW Hot Trucks  (verde bosque tropical)
  • Lotus Evora GT4 – HW All-Stars (anaranjado metálico)
Special Colors Special Colors Special Colors Special Colors


  • ’86 Monte Carlo SS – Muscle Mania (negro)
  • Aston Martin 1963 DB5 – Then and Now (rojo metálico)
  • Batmobile – BATMAN (negro ABS)

First-to-Market First-to-Market

Custom ’56 Ford Truck Edición de colección

Aprovechando que estás ahí, usa el evento para arrancar con la más reciente promoción de 20 por 1. Compra 20 autos básicos Hot Wheels del 13 de septiembre de 2014 al 18 de octubre de 2014 para obtener un increíble vehículo Hot Wheels Custom ’56 Ford Truck Edición de colección.

  • Color de carrocería: Naranja Spectraflame
  • Diseño: Techo y guardabarros negros con diseño de llama roja y amarilla en los lados
  • Llantas: Llantas de carreras Real Riders
  • Base: Chasis con acabado de cinc
  • Color de ventanas: Transparente
  • Color del interior: Negro

bdx36_001_300px bdx36_003_300px

Vuelve a visitarnos pronto para leer todas las reglas y detalles de la promoción. No te pierdas el evento ni la promoción… ¡para cerrar el verano con broche de oro!

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It was like a dream. My first time in Italy, and I also got to spend a little time at the Museo Enzo Ferrari in Modena, Italy, in a vast roomful of the rarest, sexiest, most expensive cars on the planet. It was the closest I may ever get to this many jewels of the automotive world.


Backpacking through Europe, I had already been to several countries and seen many European cars that don’t show up at all in the United States: Skoda, Lancia, Opel, Peugeot, Renault, Seat, Dacia… Great stuff, really, but Modena was my Mecca for this trip. The birthplace of Enzo Ferrari, and those amazing cars that do make it to the States, but are still only dreams for most of us.

Enzo Ferrari’s Story

The Ferrari name has become synonymous with excellence. Born in Modena in 1898, Enzo Ferrari begins racing in 1919 and is an official driver for Alfa Romeo by 1924. He quits racing after 1931, but stays with Alfa Romeo until 1939 when he leaves to start his own manufacturing company. Due to a clause in his departure, he can’t use his own name for a few years. So the first car he produces in 1940 is not honored with the Ferrari name. The factory is moved to nearby Maranello in 1943 during World War II, and it is from there that the first official Ferrari finally rolls out in 1947.


For the next 41 years, the “Old Man” guides his company to the forefront of public adoration and makes his name a household legend in the civilized world. Aside from the racing circuit, Ferraris appear in movies, television shows, and lay tracks in all corners of popular culture. (Hot Wheels has issued numerous different Ferrari models over the years.) Enzo passes away in 1988, leaving behind a solid empire that is strong to this day.



Modena is not a large city. I arrive on a Sunday afternoon in May and the weather is pleasant and mild. I am able to walk from the train station to a nice hotel, and the nice hotel turns out to be a block away from the Museo Enzo Ferrari (only newly reopened in February). I’m planning to visit the factory in Maranello the next day, but why miss this? The hotel concierge tells me I should still be able to get in, so I grab my camera and off I go.


Out in front of the Museo sits an old building that Enzo Ferrari’s father worked in. It now houses Enzo memorabilia like his trademark spectacles and sunglasses, his racing goggles, his diaries, and a pink marble staircase that he claims was his only family luxury growing up. There is also a great display of the Ferrari logo history, some racing memorabilia and a recreation of Enzo’s office.


The Museo itself is carved into a little hillside. Slick curves and a wavy front set it apart from the more conventional European buildings behind it (well, except for that castle-looking thing back there – but those seem to be everywhere in Europe).

Museo Enzo Ferrari

Upon entering, my first encounter is a vehicle I wasn’t expecting here – a boat. The Arno XI-Ferrari is a hydroplane that set a world speed record in 1953 with the help of a Ferrari V12 engine. I had no idea. This visit was going to be even more interesting than I thought, and I already thought it was going to be pretty awe-inspiring.


When you walk into the main room, you lose your mind a little. It takes a second to re-orient and catch your breath. Strewn about in a voluminous white cavern is a wide selection of Ferrari’s most interesting hits. Not gonna lie – I swooned.


The first section you come through is a display of some of Enzo’s early collaborations with Alfa Romeo, including the last car he raced in. Beyond that is an assortment of Ferraris from the very first one all the way up to the Enzo Ferrari, created in 2002 and named after the founder as a tribute. Projected on the walls and the ceiling around you is a film loop of clips about Enzo and his story.


You wander around the room, picking your favorites as if you actually had any chance of taking one home. They are all colorful and shiny, smooth and glistening, like giant ice cream cones you just wanted to lick. There is nothing like a Ferrari. I take so many pictures that I expect my camera to overheat.


Tomorrow, I will visit the factory in Maranello. Maybe they’ll give me one if I’m a good boy?


(Read Part II here)

Wanna see more fabulous Ferrari pics, plus some of Enzo’s early work with Alfa Romeo? Check out our Facebook page to see all of the awesome pictures!

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Los formularios están disponibles ahora!


Compra 20 increíbles autos Hot Wheels y recibe por correo un vehículo Custom ’56 Ford Truck gratis. ¡Tienes todas las de ganar! Simplemente visita una tienda Kmart participante del 13 de septiembre al 18 de octubre.

Este modelo de colección viene en un empaque blíster típico de edición de colección con diseño de Kar Keepers. Especificaciones:


  • Color de carrocería: Naranja Spectraflame
  • Diseño: Techo y guardabarros negros con diseño de llama roja y amarilla en los lados
  • Llantas: Llantas de carreras Real Riders
  • Base: Chasis con acabado de cinc
  • Color de ventanas: Transparente
  • Color del interior: Negro

¡Empieza a comprar tus 20 autos el 13 de septiembre durante nuestro evento del Día del coleccionista de Kmart! En el evento habrá nuevos estuches, incluyendo colores exclusivos para Kmart y modelos de estreno.

Simplemente sigue las siguientes instrucciones (lee las reglas oficiales para los detalles completos) y este modelo Custom ’56 Ford Truck estará de camino a tus manos.

1)     Compra 20 autos básicos Hot Wheels escala 1:64 selectos de tiendas Kmart participantes del 13 de septiembre de 2014 al 18 de octubre de 2014. Los autos tienen que ser de los números de surtido indicados en las REGLAS OFICIALES.

2)     Envía los recibos originales, 20 tarjetas blíster (toda la pieza de cartón sin el auto o ventana de plástico) de cada vehículo que estés ordenando (límite de 10 vehículos por domicilio) y un formulario de pedido completo (formularios de pedido disponibles aquí)
, junto con un cheque o giro postal a nombre de MATTEL por US$3.50 de manejo y envío por cada vehículo que ordenes, a:

Custom ’56 Ford Truck
P.O. Box 1229
East Aurora, NY 14052

ATENCIÓN: Los pedidos tienen que tener fecha de envío del martes, 27 de octubre de 2014 a más tardar y ser recibidos para el martes, 10 de noviembre de 2014.  Límite de un vehículo personalizado Custom ‘56 Ford Truck por cada 20 autos básicos que compres dentro del periodo promocional, sin importar cuántos recibos de compra tengas de dichos 20 autos. La oferta está limitada a diez vehículos por domicilio por periodo promocional.

3)     Recibe un vehículo personalizado a escala 1:64 Custom ‘56 Ford Truck. El envío del vehículo puede demorarse de 8 a 12 semanas.


bdx36_003_300px bdx36_001_300px

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Order forms are available now!


Pick up 20 great Hot Wheels cars and find a sweet Custom ’56 Ford Truck in your mail for free. It’s a win-win! Just zip out to a participating Kmart store from 9/13 – 10/18.

This collectible edition features a blister card that calls out “Collector Edition” and is shipped in a Kar Keepers clamshell. Here are the specs:


  • Body Color: Spectraflame hugger orange
  • Deco: Black top & fenders, red & yellow flame deco on sides
  • Wheels: Real Riders racing wheels
  • Base: Zinc-plated chassis
  • Window Color: Clear
  • Interior Color: Black

Get a jump on your 20 car at our 9/13 Kmart Collectors Day event! The event will feature new cases – including special Kmart colors and first-to-market releases.

To get your Custom ’56 Ford Truck, just follow these instructions (but please read the Official Rules for full details):

1)     Buy 20 selected 1:64 scale Hot Wheels mainline (basic) cars at participating Kmart locations from September 13, 2014, to October 18, 2014. Cars must be from the assortment numbers listed on the OFFICIAL RULES.

2)     Mail the original cash register receipt(s)20 blister cards (the entire cardboard piece, but not the car or plastic window) for each vehicle you order (limit of ten vehicles per household), and the completed order form (order forms available here), along with $3.50 US shipping and processing for each vehicle you order (check or money order only, made payable to MATTEL) to:

Custom ’56 Ford Truck
P.O. Box 1229
East Aurora, NY 14052

PLEASE NOTEAll requests must be postmarked by October 27, 2014, and received by November 10, 2014. Limit of one Custom ’56 Ford Truck for every 20 basic cars you purchase within the promotional period, regardless of how many receipts those 20 cars are on. Offer is limited to ten vehicles per household per promotional period.

3)     Receive a 1:64 Custom ’56 Ford Truck. Allow 8 – 12 weeks for receipt of vehicle.


bdx36_003_300px bdx36_001_300px

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Spice up your vacation – and your collection! An exclusive Texas Drive ’Em will be the convention car at the 7th Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Convention Mexico.

When: Thursday, Sept. 25 – Sunday, Sept. 28, 2014
Where: Pepsi Center at World Trade Center and Crown Plaza Hotel, Mexico City, Mexico

Texas Drive ‘Em Convention Car

The blistering hot edition of the Texas Drive ’Em will make your eyes water! It features Real Riders off-road wheels with convention tampo, hand-spray-painted bikes in the back and scorching deco by our own Steve Vandervate. Check out the complete specs:

  • Body Color: Flame red finish
  • Deco: Black roof; Red, black and yellow flames on sides; Convention logo on hood
  • Body Type: ZAMAC
  • Wheels: Real Riders off-road wheels w/ convention tampo
  • Base: Full-metal, ZAMAC chassis
  • Window Color: Clear
  • Interior Color: VUM w/black hand-spray-painted details

Special Honorees & 1:1 Cars

Bryan Benedict, designer of the 1:1 Darth Vader car, will be honored at the formal dinner on Thursday night. Speaking of life-sized cars, the Bone Shaker, the Twin Mill and more will be at the show! And Mauricio Hernandez of West Coast Customs Mexico will make a special tribute to the Hot Wheels brand by revealing a specially designed and pimped car.

Ford Official Event

Mustang fans: the show will be Ford’s official event for the new 2015 Mustang release! Appearing will be the 50th Anniversary Limited Edition of this iconic car. It’ll be the first appearance of the car in Mexico. Also planned are a museum (including the five previous generations of Mustang) and activities sponsored by TAME Racing Team.

Team Hot Wheels: The Origin of Awesome Premiere

For kids of all ages there will be a Team Hot Wheels: The Origin of Awesome exclusive movie premiere, including surprises from Universal and Mattel. And don’t miss the incredible and enormous Workshop Track Builder exhibition! It features stunts, loops, and boosters.

Awesome Activities

Keeping the heat on at the show will be the following:

  • Meet & greet with your favorite Hot Wheels designer
  • Hot Wheels garage including 1:1 scale awesome cars
  • Custom Contest sponsored by Mauricio Hernandez of West Coast Customs
  • Downhill and Sizzlers racing
  • Hot Wheels Bingo
  • Hot Wheels Collect & Compete competition
  • Radio Control track
  • And much more!

It’s the show that just keeps getting hotter! It’s not cool to miss it, so plan your trip today.

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Here’s a preview of some mind-blowing exclusive Hot Wheels editions from the 28th Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Convention in Los Angeles! Haven’t got your tickets yet? There’s still time.

When: Wednesday, Oct. 1 – Sunday, Oct. 5, 2014
Where: Westin Los Angeles Airport Hotel – Los Angeles, CA
Info: Click here to purchase tickets or for more information.
Facebook: Collectors Events Unlimited

Speaking of tickets, some of the hottest ticket items around are the special commemorative edition Hot Wheels vehicles made especially for the Convention! Here are some of the sweet releases for the show:

Scooby Doo
BLR42_001_300px - Copy Custom Volkswagon
Scooby Doo Mystery Machine Classic Nomad Custom Volkswagen

That’s not all of them… that’s just all we can show you right now. But trust us – you won’t want to miss any of them! And remember the following activities are included with your Convention ticket:

  • Room-to-room selling and trading – Find that elusive piece you’ve been looking for
  • Autograph sessions – Hot Wheels designers Phil Riehlman, Brendon Vetuskey, Jun Imai and more, plus special guests Larry Wood, Bob Rosas and more
  • Custom Car Contest – Check out the wild entries and/or enter your own creation
  • Seminars – Custom Cars, Redlines Collecting, Variations
  • Downhill & Sizzlers Racing
  • Children’s Activities – Includes Scavenger Hunt and Coloring Contest
  • Finale (Saturday) – Guest speaker and Q&A with Mattel, plus Finale car
  • Hot Wheels Toy Show (Sunday) – Loads of merchandise, open to the public (Table space is available to ticket holders for $25.00)

What are you waiting for? We look forward to seeing you there!

NOTE: Tickets for the Convention are $70.00 each ($75 if purchased online) and good for all five days. You may purchase tickets online (see link above) or by mail. Tickets are limited and sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Ticket sales will end September 12 or when the last ticket is sold, whichever occurs first. This event is produced by Collectors Events Unlimited, LLC under license from Mattel.

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