HWC Van’s creative expertise was given an overwhelming vote of confidence in last week’s polls. The sELECTIONs ’77 Pontiac Firebird Funny Car will feature deco by designer Steve Vandervate!

Along with Van’s design, he will also choose appropriate tampo for the wheels — Dragstrip Demons five-spoke wheels on the front and slotted wheels on the rear. Wherever he takes this piece, we’re sure it will be one scorching hot sELECTIONs edition you will have to have for your Hot Wheels collection!

’77 Pontiac Firebird  Funny Car – HWC Van’s Design!2014 Red Line Club sELECTIONs Car #2

  • Casting: ’77 Pontiac Firebird Funny Car
  • Wheels: Dragstrip Demons wheels – front: five-spoke, rear: slotted
  • Color: HWC Van original design

 Note: The images shown are by no means final — they are meant to represent the winning combination of your votes. We will give you a better idea of how the final produced pieces will look when we offer it for sale later.

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