Ah. The summer sun is peeking through the last of the late spring clouds. The kids are merrily out of school. The lawn is neatly mowed. Now what to do? Road Trip!!!

We asked you to send us a few shots of a road trip you took, and tell us a little story. We got a lot of great submissions, but here are the four winners this time:


Connie Basham

I started doing the “Route 66″ trip on my way to the Indianapolis Nationals last year. I plan on driving the entire route, but I’m not in a hurry to complete it. So far… I’ve covered Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, part of New Mexico and I just completed Illinois after attending the Oak Brook Nationals in April. When you’re driving through Illinois, plan on spending one or even two days in Pontiac. There is a lot to see in that town, and the clerk at the Route 66 Museum is extremely helpful!

Connie Basham_Trip #1 Connie Basham_Trip #2 Connie Basham_Trip #3
Somewhere in Illinois: my 2009 Dodge Ram 1500. I get compliments on that truck almost daily. It’s the color! Pontiac, IL Route 66 Museum Inside the Pontiac Museum you will see the 1972 VW that belonged to Bob Waldmire. His van served as the model for “Fillmore” in the Pixar movie “Cars.” Bob passed away in 2009.


Richard Poulter

My work keeps me on the road. I do telecom work – mainly high capacity fiber optic networks. In 2010, I did a route from Vancouver to Edmonton through the Fraser River Canyon to Kamloops, then north up the Yellowhead Highway through Jasper on to Edmonton. The scenery was amazing – from the prairies to Jasper, through the Yellowhead Pass in the Rocky Mountains, down the North Thompson River to Kamloops, dodging tumbleweeds on the way to Cache Creek, then through the Fraser Canyon with its tunnels to Hope and onto Vancouver. I got to drive the Coquihalla Highway – it’s known as the Highway to Hell on its TV show. Yes, it’s steep and, at one time, the north half was closed due to an accident.

Richard Poulter_001 Richard Poulter_002


Nathan Lill

Ever since I first saw the concept car, I have been a fan of the Chrysler Crossfire. A lot of hard work and a bit of luck, I was finally able to purchase a brand new 2008 black coupe at the end of that year.

Previous road trips I took in the Crossfire were always solo and I never put much thought into traveling with other Crossfire owners before. I got a message from the Crossfire forum I am part of about a get together in early October. The plan was to meet up in Long Beach, WA and travel to Newport, OR over the weekend… something I just could not pass up.

We made our way down the coast and crossed the Astoria–Megler Bridge. I remember going over this bridge on a family trip long ago and it is still an impressive structure rising over the Columbia River. The Tillamook Air Museum is the stop I was most looking forward to visiting. I have always enjoyed the old WWII aircraft and have the upmost respect to those who flew and maintained them during the war. One of the very few flyable P-38 Lightning airframes was there so I even got to see my favorite plane up close.

I thought… how fun it was to drive in a group. I am looking forward to the next big road trip to Rifle, CO in July for the Crossfires Across America #5 meet where there may be up to fifty cars.

Crossfire1 Crossfire2 Crossfire3


Kevin Marsh

My wife and I went on a road trip on Maui, Hawaii in November 2013. We rented this white Ford Mustang convertible for the week. First full day on the island, we drove the 56-mile “Road to Hana” It takes 2.5 hours to drive to Hana. The road has a lot of curves, one lane bridges and beautiful scenery. On a different day, we drove up the 10,000 foot Haleakala Mountain. Before you get to the top, the vegetation stops growing and the ground becomes desert like. When we left our seaside hotel it was 80 degrees. At the top of the mountain it was 38 and windy.

Kevin Marsh_001 Kevin Marsh_002 Kevin Marsh_003



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