Our new Hot Wheels Spider-Man series spins its way into your local Walmart stores now!

Eight cool cars depict various eras in Spider-Man history with the specific event that inspired it. This series won’t be gathering any cobwebs – better wrap ’em up quick!

BLM91_300px BLM92_300px BLM93_300px
(Ultimate Spider-Man)
Hammered Coupe
(Civil War Spider-Man)
Evil Twin
(Secret Wars)
BLM94_300px BLM95_300px BLM96_300px
(Superior Spider-Man)
I Candy
(Silver Age)
(Birth of Venom)
BLM97_300px CCF65_300px
Spider Rider
(Amazing Spider-Man Dying Wish)
Street Creeper
(The Origin of Spider-Man)
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