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The brand-new Track Builder game on lets fans design the virtual track of their dreams… and then put their driving skills to the test on their own track with a choice of awesome Hot Wheels racers! Inspired by the new Track Builder system on shelves right now, this online game allows players to create tracks in almost any configuration they can think of.

Pick your car
Pick Your Car


To get started, players first pick their vehicle. Choices include two basic cars, the blue Torque Twister or the red Twinduction, or they can spend credits earned by playing the game to upgrade to fan faves such as the Ratbomb, the Drift King, the Bone Shaker, or others. Each car features a unique combination of speed, handling, and driftability. Players can pick the one that suits their driving style best, or test their skills with a different car each time.


Build It

Build Your Track


Players then enter the “Build” mode, where they start to design their track with different lengths of straights and turns. Here credits can be used for exciting upgrades such as uphills, downhills, loops, jumps, stunts and hazards. Players can make their course as challenging as they want. The more the game is played, the more credits are earned, giving players almost unlimited options for customization.


Race It

Test Your Track


Finally, it’s time to test the track! “Race” mode lets players drive on their own design. They can also choose one of four “pro” tracks, with heart-stopping combinations of sky-high ramps and stunts. Features such as point and boost pickups, drifting and jumping all amplify the excitement of the loops, boosts, exploding obstacles, rockets, and other components. Players can also try out any of the tens of thousands of tracks submitted by other players, rate these tracks, and add their own designs to be tested and rated by others!

Players will also find the “ghost car” option here, letting them compete against a transparent representation of the most recent, fastest car to race on that particular track.


Brag About It

Watch the “Instant Replay”


The thrills don’t stop when the race ends. Players can watch an “instant replay” from the view of virtual cameras positioned along the track. Each time they play the game they score points, giving them more options for customization the next time. The possibilities are almost endless!

What if players want to take the track action into real life? After each race a PDF is generated with the track’s name, an image of the entire digital track assembly, and a list of Track Builder products used for inspiration. Each PDF contains an exclusive coupon for $5 off Track Builder product orders of $30 or more at Mattel Shop. The convenient “Shop Now” button takes players to customized Track Builder product pages at their choice of retailers, including Walmart, Amazon, and Mattel Shop.

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