At last we have our annual checklist — a pretty complete picture for you — of the 2014 Hot Wheels mainline editions. Click the link below, print out the list, and start checking it off!

There are four categories and 32 segments for the 2014 line:

  • HW City (blue color code) – Fourteen segments
  • HW Off-Road (yellow color code) – Seven segments
  • HW Race (red color code) – Five segments
  • HW Workshop (green color code) – Six segments

There are 50 New Models this year, plus 15 Treasure Hunts and 15 Super Treasure Hunts. Just like last year, these editions don’t exist in their own separate segments, but are scattered throughout the other exciting segments. We’ve noted in the list which are New Models – but we’re sworn to secrecy about the Treasure Hunts.

Ready to find your favorites? Here’s the list of 2014 Hot Wheels Mainline Segments & Cars. Good luck!

2014 Select New Models

Here’s just a sample of the awesome Hot Wheels cars coming your way in 2014. Keep an eye on the Hot Wheels Sneak Peeks to see more as they’re released.

BDC88_001_lg BDC93_001_lg BDC92_001_lg BDD15_001_lg
BDC81_001_lg BDC85_001_lg BDC89_001_lg BDC96_001_lg
BDC97_001_lg BDC99_001_lg BDD00_001_lg BDD10_001_lg
BDD08_001_lg BDD12_001_lg BDD14_001_lg BDD20_001_lg
BDD21_001_lg BFC50_001_lg X1616_001_lg BDC74_001_lg
BDC77_001_lg BDC80_001_lg BFD13_001_lg BDC72_001_lg

P.S. Pretty sweet rides right? If you want to get these wheels up on your wall, order your 2014 Hot Wheels posters now!

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