Dare to go as high as you can, as fast as you can, with as many stunts as you can handle! Those familiar orange tracks are giving Hot Wheels racing fans even more ways to feed their need for speed with the new Track Builder system.
HW_Image_001_lgAn almost unlimited choice of loops, turns, stunts and accessories let speed demons create, customize and race their Hot Wheels cars just about any way they want. All the pieces work together, plus they also work with existing tracks, so the possibilities are almost limitless. Want more jumps? More height? More cars in the race? Track Builder can help make it happen.

The 5-Lane Tower Starter Set features sky-high ramps, a radar tower to race a plane, and a “flaming” hoop for cars to jump through. The extra lanes make it possible to race up to five cars in four different directions on numerous levels!

Want to make things even more challenging? The Track Builder Stunt Assortment set has six car-activated stunt options, including the Exploding Shed, the Rocket Launcher, the Flip Tower, the Crossroad Crash, the Triple Blast Alley and the Side Shot Launcher.

Itching for a little extra velocity (or a lot extra)? Add the 2-Speed Power Booster to accelerate the action, the Digital Speedometer to clock the speed, or any of the other track accessories or stunts available. Then line up your favorite race cars and get ready to set some records.

To make it even better, from now until May 6, 2014 you can enter to win instant prizes in the Hot Wheels Dare to Connect: Ultimate Track Sweepstakes on HotWheels.com! You can enter once per day, and one grand prize winner gets an entire Hot Wheels room makeover. Instant-win prizes include track items, stunt items and cars. Get all the details here, check out these cool videos, then get out your fastest, fiercest cars to jump, spin, flip and race like never before!

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