We’ll be making the ultimate decision this week about which casting to use for the first sELECTIONs edition of 2014. Will it be the Custom AMC AMX with opening hood, or will it be the ’67 Pontiac Firebird?

Knocked out last week were the DeLorean DMC-12 and the Classic Nomad. With only two castings left, the choice is harder than ever. Make sure you consider carefully before you place your vote in the polls on the Message Board.

The third round consists of just one poll — please remember to vote:

Custom AMC AMX vs. ’67 Pontiac Firebird 400

This poll will open on Thursday, March 20 on the HWC Message Boards within the Red Line Club Exclusive Forums, in the 2014 RLC sELECTIONs Polls forum. The poll will remain open for approximately one week, closing no sooner than Wednesday, March 26.

We urge a vote in each poll from every membership, as the final outcome really is based on your votes. If you’re new to the sELECTIONs process, make sure you read the sections below titled What Are sELECTIONs Cars? and How To Vote for sELECTIONs Cars.

1. Custom AMC AMX vs. ’67 Pontiac Firebird


2014 RLC sELECTIONs #1

Voting Polls Schedule




3rd Round, Casting Final



4th Round, Color



5th Round, Wheels




What Are sELECTIONs Cars?

HotWheelsCollectors.com will manufacture and offer the RLC sELECTIONs series of two online Hot Wheels releases this year which are chosen in part by the votes of Red Line Club members. Only RLC members are allowed to participate, and we will only offer these editions to RLC members.

For each of the releases, we will conduct a series of polls lasting a few weeks (rounds) in which RLC members may vote for their preference of the offered choices. These polls are held on the HWC Message Boards, within the Red Line Club Exclusive Forums, in the 2014 RLC sELECTIONs Polls forum. Each poll in each round will remain open for approximately a week. Whenever there are multiple polls in a round, members are encouraged to place their vote in EACH poll.

When the final round of voting for both of the editions has been concluded, the winning choices will be used to manufacture that edition. Placing your votes is not a commitment to purchase the resulting edition, and voting in the polls is not required to purchase the resulting edition (but you must be a Red Line Club member to purchase these editions).

At later dates, we will offer each of the two winning sELECTIONs editions to RLC members only. Orders will be taken on each car for approximately one week, and we will produce enough quantities to match the number of orders we receive — every RLC member should have the opportunity to order and receive one. Further details will be available when the item is offered.

How To Vote for sELECTIONs Cars

  1. Sign in with your Red Line Club membership at HotWheelsCollectors.com. Check the RLC Only area of the site for the latest sELECTIONs updates. These updates will include information such as when voting will open and close for each round, as well as the results from the previous voting round(s).
  2. Next, head over to the HWC Message Boards, within the Red Line Club Exclusive Forums, in the 2014 RLC sELECTIONs Polls forum. Look for the most recently posted sELECTIONs poll or polls that are open for voting.
  3. Place your vote(s). You can vote the same as with any other board poll. Again, remember that there will be multiple polls in some rounds — so be sure to cast your vote in each open poll. NOTE: Once cast, your vote cannot be changed — so consider carefully before placing your vote!
  4. There are multiple rounds of voting for each sELECTIONs edition. Check in at HWC frequently during the sELECTIONs season, and don’t miss your chance to be a part of Hot Wheels creation!
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