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Get your collecting year in gear! You can start by ordering your 2014 Hot Wheels Posters.

We’ve broken down the year in collecting into four parts, making sure that we provide you a display that includes our color variations. Plus, at the end, we’ll do one poster with the complete line. That’s a total of five fantastic posters!

Parts 1 and 2 are available now. We’ll be back later with Parts 3 and 4, plus the fifth and final one. Keep an eye out here for the rest of them.

Simply follow this link for poster ordering instructions:


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 Part 3 Part 4
 Part 5  Part 5

Offer expires December 31, 2014 or when supplies run out, so order yours now! Price is $3.50; tax may apply in some states. Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery. Void where prohibited by law. Valid only in the U.S.

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Hot Wheels are made to move – and they come to life in a whole new adventure in the Team Hot Wheels animated special you can stream now on Netflix, Hot Wheels YouTube, and Hot!

When a mysterious black car begins transforming the sleepy town of Hilly Woodlands into a wild mess of orange track and outrageous obstacles, four youths — Gage, Rhett, Wyatt and Brandon – form Team Hot Wheels to catch it and save the world. With a clear nod to legendary Hot Wheels designer Larry Wood, the team is granted four of the coolest, fastest cars of all time – the Twin Mill, the Bone Shaker, the Quick N Sik and the Baja Truck – by their mentor, the eccentric gearhead scientist who runs Larry’s Garage.

Filled with action, thrills and fun for the whole family, look for the story to continue on a feature length DVD coming this fall.

Twin Mill Bone Shaker


Quick N Sik Baja Truck




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When beloved Hot Wheels designer Larry Wood retired a few years ago, Hot Wheels fans were worried that his stunning creations were at an end. But Larry’s not one to sit still. His latest piece for Hot Wheels – the Screamliner — only adds to his legend.

Known for his particular affinity for classic era auto styling, Larry turned to that primary source of inspiration for this piece. “I like the oldies, and the ‘30s art deco is the best of classic designs — and I’ve done a few in the past. This design is one that I would have liked to have done if I were a designer in that time frame.”

Larry highlights some of the finer details of the Screamliner: “I made it so the real collectors could still see the rims when we change them. And if you count the pipes/intakes, you’ll see it’s a V12. When I first drew it up, it had a V10 in it — not enough horsepower for a Hot Wheels, so I added a couple more cylinders (wish it were that easy on my real cars).”

With all the beautiful lines and curves, it’s easy to imagine this as a 1:1, slipping down the streets of a glamorous Hollywood or Paris of the 1930s. “This is the car I’d build if I won the lottery,” Larry says.

Happy with the result of his design work, Larry notes, “Everything on this car went smoothly, from concept drawing all the way to the approval model. (Hot Wheels 3D modeler) Manson Cheung does such a good job taking the concept drawing to the 3D model so I don’t have to stare at the computer screen all day long.”

Enjoying retirement, he says that there is little difference in doing Hot Wheels concepts and drawings for him. However, “Not getting the energy of all the other designers around me is what’s missing, so I love to stop by work and see what’s going on… I bet most collectors would like to do that.”

Speaking of collectors, we asked Larry if we would see him at the Hot Wheels Collectors Nationals in Chicago. “Sure! I won’t miss a convention if I can help it. Great to see old friends and meet new ones; the customs contest blows me away. I might have to use this car as my signing sheet.” That’s incentive to show up right there.



First Shot


Exploded View

Resin Model

Digital Models

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Since 1959 race fans have flocked to Florida for the most star-studded, heart-stopping, action-filled NASCAR race on the circuit. It’s the big one, the race that drivers want to win and fans want to watch. We’re getting in on the action with special 3-packs of Hot Wheels that’ll get your foot itching to put pedal to the metal — but they’re only available at the Kroger family of stores. (See the list of participating locations here.)

We’ve put together rides from five different segments in 3-packs featuring the official Daytona 500 56th Annual logo. Get in gear and grab a few before they’re gone!

Track Aces Street Beasts World Race
Road Rockets HW City Works
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Just announced at the New York Toy Fair: Marvel characters are coming to Hot Wheels! And we’ve got a look at seven of them here.

  • Spider-Man
  • Captain America
  • Iron Man
  • Hulk
  • Thor
  • Hawkeye
  • Venom
Spider-Man Captain America Iron Man
Hulk Thor Venom

Each 1:64 scale vehicle features a unique body style and design details that are authentic to each character. Twelve unique character cars are planned for the HW Marvel line this fall to kick off the assortment. These cars will be complemented by a variety of classic Hot Wheels track sets themed around Amazing Spider-Man 2, Guardians of the Galaxy, and other awesome Marvel properties. (Rumor has it that there are also plans for a Pop Culture mix of cars with Marvel character decos… We’ll keep you posted.)


Also revealed at the Toy Fair were several segments from other series:

Pop Culture: Looney Tunes

 '40 Ford Convertible (Pepe Le Pew)  '71 Plymouth Satellite (Tasmanian Devil)  '85 Ford Bronco (Elmer Fudd)
’40 Ford Convertible
(Pepe Le Pew)
’71 Plymouth Satellite
(Tasmanian Devil)
’85 Ford Bronco
(Elmer Fudd)
Customized C3500 (Speedy Gonzales)  Kenworth W900 (Marvin the Martian)  Volkswagen T1 Drag Bus (Foghorn Leghorn)
Customized C3500
(Speedy Gonzales)
Kenworth W900
(Marvin the Martian)
Volkswagen T1 Drag Bus
(Foghorn Leghorn)

Pop Culture: Star Trek

X8308_Bones X8308_Kirk X8308_Scotty
’38 Dodge Airflow
’49 Ford C.O.E.
(Captain Kirk)
’52 Chevy® Ice Cream
X8308_Spock X8308_Uhura X8308_Sulu
’59 Chevy® Delivery
1988 Jeep® Wagoneer
(Lt. Uhura)
Midnight Otto®


Entertainment Mix I

Entertainment-Simon_&_Simon Entertainment-Fast_and_Furious Entertainment-Flintmobile
1980 Dodge Macho Power Wagon
(Simon & Simon)
2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8
(Fast and Furious)
Entertainment_USS_Enterprise Entertainment-Herbie_the_Love_Bug
U.S.S. Enterprise™
(Star Trek)
Volkswagen Beetle
(Herbie the Love Bug)
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