UPDATE: Your current (2014) Red Line Club membership(s) will be automatically extended through 2015. Click here for more information.

Our new Drag Dairy made such a splash last year that we’ve chosen it for this year’s Red Line Club membership car! 2014/2015 Red Line Club memberships are available to new members, as well as any remaining renewals, at the Classic level only.

The Red Line Club Membership Car

The 2014/2015 RLC membership Drag Dairy features the flip-open body, Neo-Classics Redline wheels, mirrorized Zamac chassis and finish in four colors as follows:

  • First 3,000* to join or renew: Drag Dairy in chrome (SOLD OUT!)
  • Next 3,500* to join or renew: Drag Dairy in red (SOLD OUT!)
  • Next 4,000* to join or renew: Drag Dairy in blue (SOLD OUT!)
  • Next 4,500* to join or renew: Drag Dairy in purple

*Minus the quantity of Chrome Level memberships sold, up to 2,000.

Please note: The color of the car is not determined by your RLC number; it is determined by the order in which membership requests are received. Your existing membership number will remain the same as long as you renew it each year.

Chrome Level Membership Kit (SOLD OUT!)

Our premium level of membership is limited to 2,000 memberships and includes the following:

  • ALL FOUR (4) colors of the membership car! Get one each of all four colors of the Drag Dairy.
  • Chrome membership poster. Exclusive for Chrome Level members.
  • One-year subscription to Hot Rod One year (12 issues) delivered to the address on the credit card you use to purchase your membership. Limit one subscription per address.
  • Personalized Chrome Level membership card. Stamped with “CHROME” to designate your premium membership status, and displaying the name you enter on the billing address line when you order your membership.
  • Commemorative patch.
  • Membership button (packaged with car).

Priced at $89.99 plus S&P (shipping and processing), the Chrome Level is limited to no more than five memberships per household and only valid for one year.

Classic Level Membership Kit

The original Red Line Club membership includes the following:

  • Exclusive Red Line Club membership car. The new Drag Dairy with opening top, Neo-Classics Redline wheels and full-metal, mirrorized Zamac chassis! (Color as noted above.)
  • Personalized membership card. Displaying the name you enter on the billing address line when you order your membership.
  • Commemorative patch.
  • Membership button (packaged with car).

Priced at $24.99 plus S&P (shipping and processing), the Classic Level is limited to no more than five memberships per household and only valid for one year.

Membership Benefits

All of the benefits outlined below are yours to enjoy when you become a member of the 2014/2015 Red Line Club.

HWC Series Cars Priority Window – We celebrate lucky HWC Series Thirteen this year! We offer RLC members an exclusive 24-hour Priority Window on many of our online sales. Only RLC members can place orders during this 24-hour Priority Window. Many of our offers don’t last past the Priority Window, so don’t miss your best chance of getting your favorites. HWC Series Thirteen, priced at just $9.99 per car, features four cars each in the Neo-Classics and Real Riders segments. Also, watch for several other exciting releases, such as the Original 16 editions of the Dodge Deora Concept and the Ford J Car. HWC Series Thirteen (subject to change):

  • Neo-Classics ’58 Plymouth Belvedere
  • Neo-Classics ’64 Dodge 330
  • Neo-Classics ’64 GMC Panel
  • Neo-Classics Olds 442 Staff Car
  • Real Riders ’83 Chevy Silverado 4×4
  • Real Riders Breakaway Bucket
  • Real Riders Haul of Flame
  • Real Riders Thunder Roller

HWC Series Thirteen Subscription Plan Option (SOLD OUT!) – Making it easier for you to complete your set of all eight HWC Series Thirteen editions, we will offer the HWC Series Thirteen Subscription Plan to Red Line Club members this year. You can participate whether you are a Classic level or a Chrome level member, but you will have to opt in when we make the offer prior to our first HWC Series Thirteen sale in 2014. Further details will be revealed prior to the offer. These tend to sell out fast, so you’ll want to be ready and waiting when availability begins.

RLC Exclusive Cars – Our innovative and exciting RLC sELECTIONs series continues this year featuring two exclusive editions chosen with direct input from our RLC members! You get an opportunity to help us with the creation process of editions you want to see — and you help us choose color and wheels, too. Only club members get to vote for these, and we only offer them to club members when they become available. The polls take place in the special sELECTIONs Forum on our Message Boards, so watch for the announcement articles and the polls. You may also occasionally notice other RLC Exclusive releases. Whenever this happens, you’ll definitely want to make sure your membership is up to date — these releases don’t last long.

RLC Rewards Program – Whenever you order any of our eight HWC Series releases during the RLC 24-hour Priority Window, you will earn three (3) Rewards Points for each car you buy. You will also earn two (2) Points for each car you buy from the two RLC Exclusive sELECTIONs cars created this year. We’ll also dole out Points at our discretion for other special releases throughout the year.

Late in the year, you can exchange your Rewards Points for the spectacular RLC Rewards Priority Car! The Rewards Priority car will be made to order (similar to the sELECTIONs vehicles) — we’ll only make the quantities you order. You can order more than one; you will need to redeem nine (9) Rewards Points for each car you order.

Besides the Priority Car, there will be additional items in the shop for which you can redeem your Points. We’ll have more details for you in a separate article later, but the thing to remember is that you can’t get any Points if you don’t join the club and place your orders during the RLC Priority Windows of availability.

And there are other benefits to membership, such as exclusive RLC Only content here at HWC, plus admission to the RLC Party at the Hot Wheels Collectors Nationals or the Hot Wheels Collectors Convention, where you can buy the always-popular RLC Party cars.

It will be a sweet year, so pull up and place your orders!

Production cars may vary from the photo shown. Mattel reserves the right to modify the color, decorations and wheel type.


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