Our first Kmart Collectors Day event of the year is on February 15! Make sure you’re ready for it.


What: Kmart Collectors Day Event

When: Saturday, Feb. 15 at 9:00 a.m. local times

Where: U.S. Kmart Stores (excluding Puerto Rico)

Info:  Click here to find a location.


Not only are the events a fun time, but they’re also your best chance to get into specially-packed cases of vehicles — created just for the event – that include all-new special color editions and First-To-Market releases. For this event, here are some things to look for:


Special Colors

  • Sandblaster – HW Hot Trucks (Anodized Hugger)
  • Datsun 620 – HW Hot Trucks (Grabber Blue)
  • ’92 BMW M3 – HW All-Stars (Gold Afflair White)
  • ’73 Ford Falcon XB – Muscle Mania (Violet Afflair Maroon)



  • ’71 Dodge Demon – Heat Fleet (Metalflake Bright Purple)
  • ’70 Camaro – Muscle Mania (Light Yellow)
  • ’70 Chevy Chevelle SS – HW Performance (Plum Crazy)



You can also use the event to get started on the latest 20-for-1 promotion. Pick up the 20 select Hot Wheels basic cars you’ll need, and you can get a Hot Wheels Collector Edition ’69 Chevelle SS 396 with Spectraflame orange finish! (Please follow the link for details.)


If you’ve never been to a Kmart Collector Day event, check out this article for tips to make the most of the event. It’s always a good time with lots of great cars!

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