We’re shipping the 2014 Hot Wheels mainline cases now – and you had a part in choosing the Heat Fleet segment. Last year, we asked you to pick the top 10 from a list of 19 castings. Now it’s time for you to see which castings made the cut – so you can start watching the pegs for them!

Below is the list for the 2014 Heat Fleet segment, thanks to your votes. It’s also an official sneak peek inside the 2014 Hot Wheels mainline.

’68 Dodge Dart
’69 Dodge Coronet Super Bee
’69 Camaro (convertible)
’69 Corvette
’70 Buick GSX
’71 Dodge Demon
Custom ’69 Chevy Pickup
’65 Chevy Impala
’69 Mercury Cougar Eliminator
Custom V-8 Vega

Because we know you wanna know, here’s how the rest of the list finished out:

11)  Ford Thunderbolt

12)  ’10 Camaro SS

13)  Datsun 240Z

14)  ’64 Impala

15)  Custom ’59 Cadillac

16)  Dodge Challenger Concept

17)  Ford Mustang GT Concept

18)  C6 Corvette

19)  ’64 Lincoln Continental


Check out our next survey, and help us plan a segment for 2015!

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