What’s better than our annual Hot Wheels poster? How about five of ’em! Our 2013 Hot Wheels Poster comes in four parts, plus one. We bet you’re wondering why…

[[[img id=80403]]]
[[[img id=80406]]]
[[[img id=80412]]]
[[[img id=80415]]]
[[[img id=83052]]]
[[[img id=83055]]]
[[[img id=84144]]]

Here’s the deal. We know a lot of you love to collect the variations, and we issue several color variations of our cars each year — but they never show up on the poster. This year, we thought it would be nice to get as many of the color variations in as possible. But that’s a lot of cars for one poster! We found that four posters would be just right to hold all the slick shots of our 2013 line.

For now, we’re offering Parts 1 and 2. We’ll be back later with Parts 3 and 4 (some of our cars are still being finalized…). And for those of you who prefer to have ’em all on one sheet, we’ll even be offering one of those later. The first two posters are ready now, so get your hobby in high gear!

Simply follow this link for poster ordering instructions:

Offer expires December 31, 2013 or when supplies run out, so order yours now! Price is $3.50; tax may apply in some states. Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery. Void where prohibited by law. Valid only in the U.S.

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