We’re very excited that the 27th Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Convention is next week. We hope you’re ready to attend, because we have a great Red Line Club Party planned — complete with your opportunity to score the exclusive RLC Party Car! In order to get in and get your party car, please make sure you carefully read all of the following rules and information.


What: Red Line Club Party
When: Friday, Sept. 27 at approx. 9:00 PM (after Charity Auction)
Where: 27th Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Convention
Hyatt Regency Orange County, Garden Grove, CA
Note: Please do not line up prior to 8:45 PM. (We want to keep
the hallway clear for those exiting the Charity Auction.)
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You must be a member of the 2013 Red Line Club in order to gain admittance to the party and purchase the party car.
There will be a number of Express lines for checking in to the party. You will be able to use one of these Express lines to quickly purchase, for a low $10.00, your RLC party car, and be admitted in to the party if:

  1. you have a photo ID and are over 18,
  2. you have your RLC membership card or — if you have not received it yet — your Order Summary print out,
  3. you have your Collectors Nationals badge,
  4. and the names on all of these match.

However, if you don’t have your RLC membership card or your Order Summary print out or a photo ID or your Collectors Convention badge with you, or if the names on all of these don’t match (or if you arrived after registration closed and you don’t have your badge yet), you will not be able to use one of the Express lines. You will then have to wait in a much slower Confirmation line(s). In the event you don’t qualify for the Express lines, and find yourself in the Confirmation line(s), here in detail are the things you will need to gain entry to the party:

  1. If you do have your RLC membership card or your Order Summary print out and a photo ID, but you don’t have your Convention badge yet, you will need to have your Convention confirmation letter, and the name on it must match the name on your RLC membership card or your Order Summary print out and photo ID. (You will still need to come to registration the next day to officially register and pick up your credentials and goodie bag.)
  2. If you do have your Convention badge and a photo ID, but you don’t have your RLC membership card or your Order Summary print out, we will need to compare your photo ID to our database to confirm your RLC membership. Again, the names must match the name on your Nationals badge.
  3. In the event that you recently joined the RLC and have not yet received your membership card, please do the following: Go into your “My Account” section in the Hot Wheels Shop, and go to the Order Status page. Print out the Order Summary which reflects your purchase of the current year’s membership. (Alternately, you can print out the Order Summary e-mail. You will have received both an Order Confirmation and an Order Summary e-mail when you purchased your membership. The Order Summary e-mail — which should be the second e-mail you received and also includes your name in the information displayed — is the one to print out.) Bring the Order Summary print out — AND a photo ID, AND your Nationals badge — with you to the party.

Once the bulk of the Express line RLC members (all with RLC membership cards or Order Summary print outs, photo IDs and Convention badges with matching names) have entered, we will begin letting in other confirmed RLC members from the Confirmation line(s).

One more thing to keep in mind: We will be starting the opening party and raffle (see info below) after the members in the Express lines have checked in, or at 10:00 PM – whichever comes first; if you don’t have your RLC membership card or your Order Summary print out, you may still be in line when we begin raffling off all of the prizes.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but it is our intention to prevent everyone from spending more time than necessary in line. Remember the items we need you to bring, and it makes it easier for all, while allowing everyone more time to enjoy the party.

Party Car/Raffle Ticket: As you enter the party, you have a chance to purchase the always-hot RLC party car. Also, we will be raffling off some very cool Hot Wheels prizes later in the party. When you enter the party, you will be given one raffle ticket for free. More RLC raffle tickets will also be available for RLC members to purchase, if you like.

Opening party: If you want more RLC raffle tickets and more chances at winning a prize, don’t forget to bring HWC and RLC cars — still packaged — to open. Why? Because if you want to earn a few more RLC raffle tickets for free, you will have a chance to open the packaged HWC Series cars, RLC sELECTIONs cars, or RLC membership cars that you bring (limit 10 per guest). For each one you bring and open at the party (again, up to a limit of 10), you will receive one RLC raffle ticket!



What do I need to bring?

  • Your current RLC membership card or Order Summary print out
  • Your Convention name badge (the badge you receive when you register)
  • A valid photo ID
  • $10 (cash only!) to buy the party car
  • Money to buy raffle tickets and/or drinks

Who can attend the RLC Party? Can I go to the party if I’m here for the Collectors Convention?
Only 2013 Red Line Club members who have a paid ticket to the 27th Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Convention will be admitted. You cannot join the Red Line Club at the event.

I have five RLC memberships. Can I bring four people to the party?
No. You can only use one of your memberships to get in, and you can only buy one car regardless of how many memberships you have.

My friend/spouse/parent/child has an RLC membership that I paid for, so the membership has my name on it. Can he/she get in? Can he/she buy a party car?
If your friend/spouse/parent/child has an RLC membership in your name, you can both come in — but you can only purchase one party car.

Can I bring my kids to the party?
Yes. However, they will not receive any of the RLC benefits (even if you have a membership in their name). RLC members have to be 18 or older, so we can not honor a membership for a minor.

Will there be a party car?
Yes, but we try to keep it a secret until it is revealed at the RLC party.

How much does the party car cost? How many can I buy?
The party car is $10 each (cash only!) and is limited to one per person who must be an RLC member.

For the Opening Party, where do we get cars to open? Do you buy them at the event? Or bring them from home?
The eligible cars must be HWC or RLC editions. You can bring them from home or buy them in the room-to-room trading or elsewhere at the show.

How many RLC raffle tickets do I get for opening up an HWC/RLC car? Can I open more than 10 HWC/RLC cars?
You will receive one ticket per car, up to 10 maximum. You can open as many as you like, but we will only give you 10 tickets maximum.

Do I have to be present to win a raffle prize?

To whom do I speak if I have any issues?
All decisions by the Nationals staff and/or HWC team members are final. If there are additional questions, please find one of us around and we’ll try to answer them.

Again, please thank the Convention staff for running check-in and keeping it as smooth as possible. Our sincere thanks, and we hope you enjoy yourselves.

One last thing: We expect a certain level of behavior from everyone; if people cannot behave, we will not have them at the party. We want it to be an event people can feel comfortable bringing their kids to, so please do your part to help keep these events fun for everyone.

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